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Dr Schutz floor coatings



We recently performed a job in Launceston where we applied a Dr Schutz coating to an antislip floor and we thought this would be a good time to introduce this product.

The floor had built up shadowing which was difficult to remove, and the customer wanted usto remove this and then prevent it from re-occurring. Collings were able to remove thediscolouring to the floor and then apply a polyurethane coating to the floor to stop theshadowing from re-appearing. As these were in bathroom areas, we applied the an R11 antislip coating to ensure we maintained the safety of these floors.

Dr Stutz is a German product that can be applied to a range of hard floor surfaces torejuvenate the floor. This can be a clear coat, or coloured and is available in 190 colours. There are additives available to turn the flooring into an R10 or R11 anti-slip floor.

For more information View brochure or check out the Peerless JAL website.

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