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Commercial Cleaning Services

Collings Cleaning Services are the most experienced and specialised commercial cleaning professionals in Tasmania, with expertise in the cleaning of sport and recreation facilities, as well as government and office buildings.

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Sport and Recreation

With extensive experience in providing first-class carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and other cleaning services for many varied Sports and Recreation facilities, we understand your need for efficient, thorough, and highly professional cleaning and maintenance.

At Collings, our highly trained personnel are experts in using the most up-to-date equipment and innovative processes to ensure that your sports centre, gym, club room, or any other recreation facility cleaning needs are satisfied in the most efficient manner possible with, most importantly, minimal disruption to your operations.  

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Government and Office Buildings Cleaning Services

We understand that staff members are more productive when working in a comfortable atmosphere. This includes the heating, lighting, noise level and cleanliness/appearance of a workplace. We also understand that cleaning of offices and government buildings is not just about the visual appearance, and should also ensure that surfaces are hygienic and germ free. See our section below on reducing the spread of germs and bacteria and how this can reduce absenteeism at your worksite.

At Collings, we understand the pressures that both businesses and governments face in the current environment. That is why we can customise a cleaning program for you to meet your requirements and budget that will be delivered in line with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We do this by being flexible to your own unique requirements.

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Collings directly employ all our cleaners, protecting you from the bad publicity recently seen in national media from sham contracting and undermining staff wages and conditions.

With over thirty years of experience in cleaning small to large office complexes, we can provide high productivity levels through quality equipment and machinery and staff training and retention while still focusing on a quality service using the world's best practices and procedures.
Reducing Spread of Germs and Bacteria

Did you know that there are more bacteria on your phone, coffee machine, keyboard and mouse than the toilet seat?  Recent studies have shown that your office coffee machine can contain up to 34 times more bacteria than a school toilet seat. A study also found that just one door contaminated with a virus can spread to about half the surfaces and the hands of about half the employees in the office. It has been regular practice in workplace cleaning to colour code equipment to avoid cross contamination from toilets to kitchens and office areas, however little has been done in most work environments to remove germs and bacteria from office surfaces to stop the spread of viruses through your staff.

At Collings Cleaning Services, we have taken lessons learned from the healthcare industry, to remove bacteria and reduce the spread of germs and viruses in the office using our microfiber system and targeting touch points where bacteria can be more prevalent and is most likely to spread. This process should target surfaces that are regularly touched by many people on a regular basis. Items like door handles, lift buttons, stair railings, coffee machines and kitchen taps are some of the most common areas.

By using this method we can help to reduce absenteeism at work.