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Working at Collings

At Collings, our core value of “People matter most” is more than just a tag line, it is a value that flows through all levels of staff and something that we always strive to improve. We believe that by caring about people, and supporting our staff we will succeed.

We regularly have opportunities available.  We encourage you to research about our company and see if we are an organisation that you would like to work at.

You can provide us with an application by filling out our application form.

Our Values


People Matter Most

When you choose Collings, you’ll see, hear and sense the difference our people bring to the workplace. Our belief that all people matter, means we treat our staff with respect and decency, ensuring they in turn bring the highest of standards and values when cleaning your premises. We likewise expect our clients and suppliers to treat our staff in a similar manner.

Ready, Willing & Able

At Collings we believe the only way we learn and improve is through trying new ideas and techniques. We’re not afraid to make mistakes and it’s this value that has seen Collings succeed and grow. That’s what sets us and our people apart from the rest.

Honest & Trustworthy

You can trust our people to look after your premises as 
if they were their own. And should your staff accidentally leave behind sensitive documents or their personal valuables, you can be certain they’ll still be there when your staff return – safe and secure every time!

Friendly & Well Mannered

By this we mean all our staff are recruited to ensure they display positivity and friendliness in every task they do. Our staff are always approachable and 
can be relied on to get the job done right first time, every time at your workplace.

Fearless About Dirt

Every one of us at Collings has cleaning in our blood. We’re not afraid to tackle the toughest tasks! Whether we’re dressed in a hazmat suit, overalls 
or a business suit. Even when things go wrong, our people are eager to jump in and ensure your work is completed.